RandomSelector is a tool for classroom selection and experimentation. Using this tool educators and students can make random selections from sets stored as text files. For example, RandomSelector can call on students randomly, or simulate flipping coins or drawing socks from a drawer.

Random selector is very easy to use! It has been designed that way from the beginning.

Note that at this time all selections are made with replacement; i.e., the list we are selecting from does not shrink as selections are made.

Example: Selecting a name

In this example we see a name selected from a alist of names in the file and dynamically displayed with a pause between characters. Not only is the name randomly selected, but the characters in the intermediate frames are randomly chosen as well.

Example: Flipping a coin and drawing socks from a drawer

In this example we see a coin flipped, a sock drawn from one of two drawers, and a simultaneous coin flip and sock drawing.


You can open several files in RandomSelector and it will merge them into one list from which it makes a selection. You can open the same file more than once to give it more weight in the selection process.

RandomSelector provides numerous display options. Below is a screenshot of the Options dialog.

Installing and running RandomSelector

RandomSelector requires Java to run. You can get Java for free from

Download the file RandomSelector.jar from here (click on an icon in the Download column). If you have Java (1.3 or later) installed on Windows just download the file and double-click on it. For Linux, run it on the command line with

$ java -jar RandomSelector.jar

Bugs, Support, Patches, and Feature Requests

If you wish to report a bug, ask for support, submit a patch, or make a feature request, please visit the RandomSelector tracker page, make your choice, and then click on "Submit New". Thanks!

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